Technical competence center for Polyurethanes

Competence is a subject many people often talk about - we have it, for all areas of the Polyurethane industry. This includes machine construction, automation technology, production and the distribution of technical PU parts and commercial trade in chemicals. This 4-pillar system forms the solid base for a comprehensive technical center for the Polyurethane in all variations.
Everybody talk about service - we live it! - At the competence center for polyurethane, our motto is clear - Follow the Customer. With an international production, distribution and research network, we can guarantee support at your location, worldwide. Our team of experts develop solutions, aimed at achieving a clear goal - bringing you one step further. Whether in the area of machine construction, technology or commerce, our aim is to master the individual challenges of each of our customers. Our product range extends from the customized individual component to standardized mass-produced items, from specific individual solutions to small-scale runs.